Project Management

Disaster Relief

UPE Resources can assist Federal Agencies, Municipalities, and Debris Management Contractors with Debris Hauling Services, Tree Trimming, and Tree Removal Services..

Debris Management

As stated by the EPA, it is important that disaster debris be properly managed so as to protect human health, comply with regulations, conserve disposal capacity, reduce injuries, and minimize or prevent environmental impacts.

Hazardous Tree Projects

Southern California Edison
•SCE Bark Beetle and DRI Tree Removals ( Sub Contract – Phillips and Jordan)
•The Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (Sub Contract – Par Electric)
(Tree Inspections, Environmental Reports, Monitor tree crews)

•Tree Maintenance Services
•Reliability – Tree Removal Services
•EDM – Debris Hauling Services
•Routine Tree Trimming/Removal Services
•Disaster Relief Services (WILDFIRE RESPONSE)- Butte Fire (Calaveras),
•Tubbs Fire(Santa Rosa), Carr Fire (Redding), Camp Fire (Paradise)
•Vegetation Management Services
•Routine Pre Inspection Services
•CEMA – Pre Inspection Services
•Fuel Reduction – Pre Inspection Services
•FDZ (Fire Defense Zone) – Pre Inspection Services
•AWRR – Pre Inspection Services
•EVM- Pre Inspection Services
•Disaster Relief Services (WILDFIRE RESPONSE) – Camp Fire (Paradise)
Pre Inspection Services

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
•Routine Tree Trimming/Removal Services
•Routine Pre Inspection Services

San Diego Gas and Electric
•Reliability – Tree Removal Services